Arby's - Meat Mountain
Arby's - Meat Mountain
Arby's - Meat Mountain

not just roast beef

This is the story of meat, which became a mountain, which became a social phenomenon, which activated a carnivorous nation. It began when Arby’s asked Alcone to help combat low awareness about all the meats they offered besides roast beef.

Arby's Restaurant

we made a delicious poster

Starting with a single poster, Alcone changed the conversation from “Arby’s roast beef” to “Arby’s meat mountain”. Alcone’s mountain of meat visual was a simple concept that snowballed into a media sensation overnight.

media buzz

The mythical – and then real – sandwich was a huge success, generating millions of media impressions. Consumers took to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, posting how-to videos and documenting their Meat Mountain experiences with carnivorous love.

Tonight Show
People Magazine
Fox News
The Late Show
Daym Drops
Arby's Restaurant
46MM Media Impressions
3,400 Sandwiches Sold/Day
100+ Media Placements

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