Retro Alcone

  • Alcone
  • August 06, 2014

Every month 'Retro Alcone' highlights an innovative product or program from Alcone's 30-year history of promotion marketing.

Now that we have reached those hot August days, my afternoons in the office are filled with dreams of cold, delicious ice cream.  I can't help but remember a Ben & Jerry's item we produced back in 2002: the Euphori-Lock.

he Euphori-Lock was born out of the too many empty ice cream pints left in the freezer, the roommate that never bought ice cream but always ate it, and the kid who wanted to keep their ice cream safe from sneaky siblings.  When challenged to come up with a way to keep a pint of unsupervised Ben & Jerry's safe, Alcone created a custom branded lid lock that fit snugly on the lid of an ice cream pint and could only be opened by knowing the code to the built-in combo lock.

Designed and sourced by Alcone, the Euphori-Lock has stood the test of time.  By understanding that the consumer wanted to keep their pint of ice cream to themselves, we delivered a simple yet innovative idea that had never been done in the ice cream category.  This ice cream product success validates that good ideas based on insights remain relevant years after they were conceived.


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