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  • September 17, 2014

In the consumer promotion industry, we strive to create award-winning work in surprising ways that will motivate consumers to take action. Over the last 31 years, Alcone has won hundreds of awards for our work on both local and global initiatives, validating our creative and strategic work year after year. The award we're most proud of? The answer is easy: the Super REGGIE! Why is it called the REGGIE? Well, we're trying to make the register ring...REGGIE...ring...get it? Wordplay!

The Super REGGIE is awarded by the Brand Activation Association (formerly the Promotion Marketing Association) each year at their annual gala, crowning the top promotion marketing program of the year. To the BAA, "A REGGIE-Worthy campaign is one that sets the standards of excellence through innovation, creativity and making the 'cash register ring'."

While Alcone has won dozens of REGGIE Awards over the years, we are most proud of the Super REGGIE win for our work with Nestlé’s Butterfinger in 1993. The campaign partnered Butterfinger with the Fox Television series “The Simpsons” to ask “Who Laid a Finger on Bart’s Butterfinger?”

The mega-successful mystery promotion featured TV spots and retail POS announcing that someone had stolen Bart Simpson's Butterfinger and invited everybody to solve the "crime". 65 million specially-designed Butterfinger bars with custom packaging featured the alibis of 5 of the 6 suspects (all Simpson regulars), and provided clues to solving the crime. The more Butterfingers consumers purchased, the more chances they had to gather all the clues and identify the culprit. One grand prize winner drawn from all the correct entries won $50,000, while 10,000 runner-ups received Simpson "Most Wanted" t-shirts.

The excitement built as TV spots and tags, regional radio events, print and news articles followed the search for the villain. As viewers watched, the culprit and winning consumer were announced on the highly promoted Simpson's Halloween Special on Fox. Ultimately Krusty, the Butterfinger Bar Burglar, was hauled off to jail, the lucky winner collected their reward, and Nestlé enjoyed dramatic sales increases.


This promotion successfully drove multiple purchases among new and existing Butterfinger fans, captured the attention of the huge Simpson's fanbase, and generated massive retail support by linking two of America's favorite brands.

Check out one of the TV spots that ran during the promotion:

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