A New Take on a Window Display

  • Dianne Gutierrez
  • September 10, 2015

As an agency focused on retail innovation, Alcone is always searching for new ways to drive transactions at retail. Alcone’s The Lab recently stumbled upon an impressive new take on a window display, which we believe has real potential.  This new form of a window display is particularly compelling because it solves a universal concern where window displays are concerned: blocking consumers from seeing what’s actually being sold or happening inside the store. 

A team of professors and graduate students at MIT have developed a transparent, stick-on display that can use commercial and conventional projectors to show moving images on any glass surface. Unlike other window displays, this transparent display can play videos or show pictures while allowing someone to look through the window and see the products on the other side. For now, the images projected only show up in one color, blue, but the team expects to have a full color spectrum soon.  While this technology is very new and, from what we gathered, not ready for commercial use yet, it’s interesting to note how it works in its current form: the stick-on display is made of silver nanoparticles that absorb light from a projection which in turn display certain colors without light passing straight through. The finished product is a thin and inexpensive plastic coating that can be applied to glass displays.

The picture above gives you an idea of what we're talking about but to understand better, check out this video:

We really like this for some obvious reasons: transparent stick-on displays can be used in many retail environments-convenience stores, grocery stores, department stores, etc. We’re also challenging ourselves to think of non-traditional surfaces this could be used for.  Maybe displaying on trains, cars, busses, buildings…there are quite a few opportunities.  This new kind of display is just another way in which we can speak to consumers effectively and timely. The Lab will continue to monitor this technology-we’re excited to see how it develops.

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~Dianne Gutierrez is an intern in The Lab: Exploring Retail Innovation