Catching Up With...Jelani Warren!

  • Jelani Warren
  • January 04, 2016

Name: Jelani Warren

Title: Junior Copywriter

Years at Alcone: Well, I’m working on my first.

Where did you grow up: I grew up in West Covina, Ca. Then I moved to Tempe, Arizona for a bit then Pomona then Whittier and now I’m back in West Covina.

What was your first job out of school/college and what did you do? After high school I worked in banking for like, a while. I was a trainer. Any new hire that wanted to learn their craft went through a month long class under my harsh tutelage. If you ask me what I did after college, it was a creative internship at Amusement Park in Santa Ana. I wrote for them, did a little motion graphics work, fetched lunch and kept coffee warm.

What do you like most about working for Alcone? It’s a tie between the work and the people. I love how busy we are and how varied the tasks are. I also really enjoy my conversations with everyone in the building. I haven’t found anyone unkind and I really looked hard!

Day in the life @ Alcone…give us a quick snapshot:  When I get into work everyday, I typically already know what my assignments will be and I get cracking on them immediately. It’s funny because to get inspiration, I sometimes need to look around the Internet. If someone didn’t know what I did and saw me at certain stages of my day, it would look like I’m screwing around. I assure you that isn’t the case (or at least, I’ve just created the narrative that it isn’t).

Advice to someone who aspires to work in marketing/do what you do: If you’re considering a job as a creative writer, my advice is to read a lot and practice, practice, practice. I went to an art school and actually taught myself most of the writing side of advertising. Many people don’t know how well I know Illustrator and Photoshop because I turned it around and focused on my passion. Speaking of passion, a final piece of advice I would give is be passionate.

If you could live anywhere outside of the U.S., where would it be and why?  If I could live anywhere else outside of the States, I’d choose Japan. I have always loved Japanese culture and last year I finally had a chance to visit! All of my expectations were met and if there’s ever a need for a creative writer who works exclusively in English, that’s a great future goal!

Your Netflix queue looks like: My Netflix is filled with Kung Fu Movies, Stand Up specials and (surprise, surprise) Japanese cartoons. I’m also a big fan of their Netflix originals. You have to watch Master of None!

You could talk for hours and hours to a stranger about: Professional Wrestling. Feel free to tell me it’s fake, I already know. Outside of actual sporting events, what forms of entertainment aren’t fabricated? I love it and I always will.