Why You Should Invest in User Experience (UX)

  • Jaime Lee
  • February 18, 2016

Have you ever seen ads for airlines advocating that their customers are #1 and bragging about their VIP experience? Later you proceed to go on their plane and sit in their small seat, shoved between two people snoring loudly who take up all the arm space, along with no power plugs around to charge your phone. Then a flight attendant magically appears with a tiny packet of snacks and a drink while giving you a superficial smile - which annoys you way more than it should versus if you expected this experience? I experience this every. single. time.

Pouring money into delighters, bells and whistles and add-on features means nothing when your actual product experience sucks. All that excitement and awareness goes downhill and your users start leaving you for your competition. Maybe not that dramatic, but if you don’t pay attention it will eventually happen.

Why? Because user behaviors are always changing and you are not meeting their basic needs and expectations that you might have never known existed at all. Or even missing missed opportunities that could have made your product rise to the occasion. Band-aiding or glazing over problems never work as a long-term solution.

The old tricks of the trade (invasive marketing) typically do not work anymore. The world has become a lot smarter. Our basic expectations are higher and life has become increasingly complex due to highly interconnected devices and environments. There are tons of accessible data on the Internet where word of mouth, reviews, engagement, and genuine authenticity is now much more important than ever.

If only there was an airline that actually made everything work the way it should work, always arrives on time at the correct gate, and actually spoke the truth – they would get everyone’s business.

So how does this relate to UX? Well, everything. UX is all about focusing on your users and making their entire experience delightfully seamless all around. It is a process that helps find these problems. Once a problem is identified, typically finding the proper solution is easy. UX is an ongoing investment and not only will your current customers thank you for it, but they will also become long-standing customers.  There is a weird misconception that UX is also “pricey”, but if you look at your business in the long run, can you really afford not to? You are doing yourself a huge favor by finding out opportunities that you could have completely missed instead of letting your competitors find it for you.

When we design activation programs at Alcone, UX considerations are at the forefront of how we design marketing solutions for our clients.  Great UX automatically is great marketing because it speaks for itself.  Talk to your users and fix the problems first, then use this pleasure and meaning to generate delighters. 

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~Jaime Lee is UX Designer at Alcone Marketing Group.