Catching Up With...Teal Williams!

  • Teal Williams
  • March 17, 2016

Teal Williams at Alcone

Name: Teal Williams

Title: SVP, Managing Director

Years at Alcone: Six (yikes!) next month

Where did you grow up: I was a bi-coastal kid.  My parents never could decide which coast they wanted to live on, so we alternated between the suburbs of Boston, Massachusetts and Santa Barbara, California making the shift about every 7 or 8 years.  One was significantly colder than the other.  They have, smartly, settled back on the West Coast.  Again.

What was your first job out of college? I was an Account Coordinator at Young & Rubicam Advertising in New York City.  Being an Account Coordinator meant that any given day I could be doing anything from pouring the coffee, sprinting around New York in taxi cabs dropping off tapes (yes, TAPES!!!) to the networks that were airing our spots, or meeting George Steinbrenner on a TV shoot; it was both a glamorous and a humiliating time.

Day in the life @ Alcone...give us a quick snapshot: 

8:54am- in the kitchen patting myself (once again) on the back for the upgraded coffee maker

9:05am- at my desk drafting emails, making the days “to-do” list

9:18am-Joel comes in to fill me in on a client conversation from the day before that needs further discussion

9:32am- Melissa comes in and says one of our vendors ordered too much fake garland for a holiday display and now the client wants us to eat the cost of the excess garland (true story)

9:47am- Karina comes in and says she just found out that due to a shift in timelines 114 mechanicals need to go out the door today and they’re down a person

9:57am- Farah comes in and tells me she’s taking a trip to Tanzania in five months and wants to know if she can hire a freelancer to cover her while she’s out - in five months! (also true story)

10:13am- rip up “to-do” list and try again tomorrow

Advice to someone who aspires to work in marketing: Start practicing a big smile while saying, "Thank you, Sir, may I have another?" 

If you could live anywhere outside the U.S., where would it be and why?  The island of St. John. And, why? Seriously? Google "St. John Images" and let me know if you have any questions after that.

Your Netflix queue looks like: A long list of stand-up comics only interrupted by the occasional Game of Thrones binge watch.

Your bucket list restaurant: ZoZo's at Caneel Bay.

Favorite mascot: The Oregon Duck from my favorite ESPN Sportscenter commercial. 

You could talk for hours and hours to a stranger about: Me.

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