How Brands Can Capitalize on Common Holiday Shopper Behaviors

With the Holidays in full swing, consumers are eager to snag the perfect gift for friends and family.  This undoubtedly equates to increases in both foot traffic in malls and retailers and spending budgets.  Brands have an opportunity during this time to capitalize on these shopper behaviors by creating Holiday promotions that also solve common Holiday problems.  We’d like to share with you a few examples of Holiday-themed point-of-sale programs we’re currently running for our clients, which solve some common Holiday problems.

Innovative Tech Trends That Are Shaking Up Shopping

Traditional retail tactics are going out of style. Consumers are demanding innovative retail solutions that provide the ease, efficiency, and personalization they’ve come to expect from shopping online. From digital dressing rooms to on-demand customization, retailers are beginning to recognize the importance of creating consumer experiences that go beyond traditional shopping conventions.

I want It, and I want It NOW: Breaking Down Concierge Apps

Move over Siri, there’s a new personal assistant in town. In fact, there are several. Acting similarly to Amex’s Centurion Concierge services, various travel, retail, and social media based companies are releasing their own concierge features that will respond to consumer’s specific questions and requests via text. Best of all, these personal assistants are real people. Consumers can say goodbye to automated responses and hello to quick, personalized replies.

What Beacons Can Do for Your Brand

If you haven't heard about Beacons yet, listen up. Beacons are devices that transmit data like messages or prompts to a smartphone or tablet. Beacons can be small too, enough to hide under a shelf, display, or attached to a wall. Many believe beacons to be the next 'big thing' to shake up the retail world and we believe it too. Some retailers have started using beacons and technology to engage consumers and the results are very promising.

Christmas in July?

With the 4th of July holiday not yet a hazy summer memory and what feels like Labor Day quickly approaching, we want to take an opportunity to share some thoughts about summer holidays.

While holidays in general are a great time to run a promotion, 4th of July gives that mid-year reminder that the winter gift-giving holidays are just months away.  Take the skincare and beauty brand Philosophy, for example.  The "Christmas in July" theme is used in promotions at retail and even features seasonally winter holiday products:

Is Brick and Mortar Here to Stay?

Alcone loves retail.  It excites us, inspires us, motivates us, and challenges us.  As a top retail activation agency, we stay on top of trends, innovation, and patterns.  The digital age has especially paved the way for new formats and environs, with growth continued to be projected in e-commerce.  According to the Boston Consulting Group, US e-commerce sales are expected to grow from $300 billion in 2014 to some $500 billion in 2018.  And let's not forget mobile- one of the fastest growing digital channels.  According to eMarketer, 71% of US digital buyers will be mobile buyers this year and that number is projected to increase steadily over the next five years.  Given this data and more, we can't help but wonder: "Does this mean brick-and-mortar is dead?".  We actually make the case that brick and mortar is not dead, and here are some compelling reasons why:


Formal press release announcing our new partnership with Craft Brew Alliance!


IRVINE, CA., MAY 22, 2015 Craft Brew Alliance (CBA), a Portland-based craft brewing company, has selected Alcone Marketing Group to provide its innovative expertise at retail. CBA is a leading craft brewing company, which brews, brands and markets some of the world’s most respected and best-loved American craft beers. The company’s portfolio includes pioneering Pacific Northwest craft brewers Widmer Brothers Brewing and Redhook Ale Brewery, as well as Kona Brewing Company, and innovative category leaders such as Omission Beer, which is the #1 beer in the gluten free beer segment, and Square Mile Cider Company, a tribute to the early American settlers who purchased the first plots of land in the Pacific Northwest.

Beacons and Beyond-Matt Alcone to Lead and Moderate MediaPost Panel May 19th

Welcome to the age of "Pathless Purchasing".

There is no shopper "path" to purchase anymore. Everyone has a unique journey that changes for each shopping occasion and product.

Marketers who enable shoppers to find their products easier will be rewarded. In the physical world there's no better tool for that than the beacon.

What Emoji Hashtags Can Do for Brands

Instagram is fast becoming one of the most popular social networks, projected to reach 100 million US users by 2018.  So, the question we're asking is, "What does this mean for brands and retailers?"  Alcone has an Instagram account (find us and follow us @Alconemktg) and we find it most useful in sharing pictures and video that depict our unique office culture, showcase our awesome employees, and fun client events. If you're not familiar with Instagram yet, it's worth taking a closer look.  The platform is incredibly user-friendly with fun features like photo filters (which are updated regularly) and other photo-editing tools.  Of course, key to success on Instagram is mastering the ever-ubiquitous hashtag. Users commonly search photos by hashtag, which makes using them absolutely necessary to increase awareness and presence on Instagram.


SEO 101-How to Begin your Strategy

Like many businesses today, we at Alcone Marketing Group strive to stay current and relevant when it comes to our digital presence.  As an example, we recently made quite a few revisions to our web site, streamlining our messaging and leading with our award-winning work. While we are thrilled with the look and feel or our site, (thanks in large part to our awesome Creative team!) as a business we know the real magic happens on the back end. And that’s where a sound SEO strategy comes into play. But where to begin? At Alcone, we have in-house digital experts to help us understand all the necessary components to a successful SEO strategy but we also understand how difficult it can be to know where to start: