Battle of the Realities

Battle of the Realities

As the ultimate seeker for all things innovative, Alcone’s The Lab jumped on the opportunity to attend this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held annually in Viva Las Vegas, Nevada. Never heard of CES? Do some light Google searches and you’ll soon discover why this is THE tradeshow to end all tradeshows. We’re talking over 180,000 people from all over the world coming together to witness, play with, and purchase the latest and greatest technological products produced by today’s leading masterminds and brands.

Well, with day one officially coming to a close, I found myself reevaluating my support and appreciation for virtual reality (VR). Yes, virtual reality. We’ve discussed this immersive media before and it’s essential to dissect the growing trend once again.

#CES2016: The Tech That Wow'd

Four days, approximately 55,142 steps, and a whole LOT of “wow’s” later, I’m back in sunny California after attending the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. CES brings out the best of the best in tech innovation. From human carrying drones to Bluetooth-savvy pregnancy tests (you heard me!), it’s nearly impossible to narrow down a top three, but I’m up for the challenge and you, my readers, deserve an inside look at this year’s most talked about convention. So here it is…a breakdown of the tech that wow’d me at CES.

Macy's Playground for Millennials

(Photo cred: Digiday)

Millennials.  Seems like we can’t go a day without hearing the word.  If you’re a marketer, you’re especially familiar with the term and if you’re a retailer, you’re doing anything you can to appeal to this important group.   A quick reminder as to why we’re so obsessed with millennials: the group is expected to collectively spend more than $200 billion annually beginning in 2017 and $10 trillion in their lifetimes (Ad Age).  We know a lot about millennials at Alcone and our Retail Lab tracks new technology and innovation in retail, which is often directed at millennials. 

The latest innovative idea aimed at millennials that we’d like to discuss today is from Macy’s called “One Below”.

Unraveling Threads: Forever 21 Thread Screen

Over a year and a half ago, international fashion brand Forever 21 presented digital agency Breakfast with the challenge to create a piece of equipment both technologically innovative and social media friendly. The result? A massive screen weighing in at 2,000-pounds with over 200,000 parts, designed to transform Instagram photos into real-time mosaics. Instagram images can come from anyone and be of anything, just as long as you use the correct hashtag. We analyzed this mechanical feat and subsequent social amplification.