The Top Virtual Reality News for Brands

Virtual Reality for Brands

It has only been a few weeks since we last discussed Virtual Reality (VR), but boy – have things changed! It seems like not one day in the last month has passed without The Lab coming across a headline with the words "Virtual Reality" prominently displayed.  

From new players on the scene to reimagined headset designs, the information can be overwhelming. Here, we provide a summary and analysis on the VR news you should be paying attention to most.  

Virtual Reality: Contributing to the Shopping Experience

Image Source: AdWeek

Our previous blog post from The Lab concluded with the takeaway that virtual reality (VR) and its viewing devices are proving to be invaluable resources when it comes to bringing a brand’s positioning and personality to life.  One VR campaign, in particular, that caught our eye comes from The North Face store in South Korea

Virtual Reality: How It Can Work for Your Brand

Alcone created the Retail Innovation Lab to keep a pulse on how emerging technology and innovative thinking are being used to transform the retail activation landscape.

We routinely attend conferences around the country that allow us to physically interact and engage with the market’s most recent innovations.  In early November, a few of us attended thinkLA’s 2015 Trends Breakfast, that provided more than just coffee and bagels, but also some valuable information and several Google Cardboards.  Read more to get our take on the emergence of Virtual Reality (VR) technology.