Catching Up With...Teal Williams!

Teal Williams at Alcone

Today we're catching up with Teal Williams, SVP, Managing Director in our Darien, CT office!  Here's what she has to say about life in and out of Alcone.

Catching Up With...Jelani Warren!

Today, we're catching up with Junior Copywriter, Jelani Warren, who works out of our headquarters in sunny Irvine, California. Here's what he has to say about life in and out of Alcone!

Catching Up With...Mike Alcutt!

Today, we're catching up with Associate Creative Director Mike Alcutt, who works out of our Darien, Connecticut office. We asked him a few questions about life in and outside of Alcone.  Here's what he had to say.

The Young Guns

September was a reset month for me, a time to creatively recharge. Now that it’s over, I want to share out a few epiphanies that came to me after spending some time with a few groups of young marketers.

The Art of the Agency Chemistry Check

Attention all marketing and advertising agency comrades out there:  let’s face it, the new business “pitch” process can sometimes be brutal, long, and an expensive investment for the agency.  The mutual courting process of client and agency can feel antiquated and impersonal.  However, in our recent experience, nailing the critical step of a chemistry check can be rewarding and a way to pull your agency ahead of the pack.

You Can't Script That

There’s a moment that happens every time I drive to one of our video production days that scares the daylights out of me. I roll up, usually early in the morning. I’m greeted by a bunch of production trucks, security guards, caterers bearing breakfast burritos, gaffers, stylists, PAs and assorted other tattooed folks, most of whom have no idea who I am. And I think to myself, “MY GOD, WHAT HAVE WE DONE!?"

Serving Up Ideas

Ping Pong. The great idea generator. 

We’ve got a ping pong table here at Alcone East. I imagine somebody in management thought it would be good for the culture. Create some friendly rivalry. A little table tennis trash talk.


Formal press release announcing our new partnership with Craft Brew Alliance!


IRVINE, CA., MAY 22, 2015 Craft Brew Alliance (CBA), a Portland-based craft brewing company, has selected Alcone Marketing Group to provide its innovative expertise at retail. CBA is a leading craft brewing company, which brews, brands and markets some of the world’s most respected and best-loved American craft beers. The company’s portfolio includes pioneering Pacific Northwest craft brewers Widmer Brothers Brewing and Redhook Ale Brewery, as well as Kona Brewing Company, and innovative category leaders such as Omission Beer, which is the #1 beer in the gluten free beer segment, and Square Mile Cider Company, a tribute to the early American settlers who purchased the first plots of land in the Pacific Northwest.

Beacons and Beyond-Matt Alcone to Lead and Moderate MediaPost Panel May 19th

Welcome to the age of "Pathless Purchasing".

There is no shopper "path" to purchase anymore. Everyone has a unique journey that changes for each shopping occasion and product.

Marketers who enable shoppers to find their products easier will be rewarded. In the physical world there's no better tool for that than the beacon.

We're a Chief Marketer Top Shop!

Yep, we're gonna brag a little bit here...