Beacons in Year 2020

Alcone’s EVP of Activation Planning, Jim Zembruski, participated in an End-to-End Beaconing panel at Media Post’s IoT: Shopping conference recently in New York City.  A lot of interesting information was shared concerning beacons and the future of timely messaging.   One question particularly piqued our interest, yet the panel ran out of time before answering.  So, we posed the question again to our own Jim Z. who said the following:

Piper: The Latest in Proximity Marketing Apps

 “Beacons” are the new buzzword among brands these days. All sorts of brands and retailers are trying to introduce proximity-based messages into their campaigns-and rightly so.  At Alcone, we believe strongly in leveraging beacon technology to create impactful programs with measurable success.  You can read more about some of our past beacon blog posts here and here.

We'd like to share with you a mobile app that we believe is doing some pretty cool things around beacons.  Meet "Piper". 

What Beacons Can Do for Your Brand

If you haven't heard about Beacons yet, listen up. Beacons are devices that transmit data like messages or prompts to a smartphone or tablet. Beacons can be small too, enough to hide under a shelf, display, or attached to a wall. Many believe beacons to be the next 'big thing' to shake up the retail world and we believe it too. Some retailers have started using beacons and technology to engage consumers and the results are very promising.

I Wish I Did That!

Who knew Nivea could top their mobile phone charging print ads? Solar power was the genius technology that allowed Brazilian beachcombers to continue perfecting their tans without missing a call in 2013. And this year, they took home the Grand Prix at Cannes for a child-tracking bracelet made from a print ad that parents could use at beaches to make sure their kids didn't wander too far.

The Future of Beacons in Marketing Programs

Matt Alcone, Alcone's Chairman & CEO, was part of MediaPost's Internet of Things: Beacons conference held earlier today in New York. He, along with other marketing experts, spoke on the panel "Beacons Hit Main Street: Strategies for Beaconing Shoppers to Products". Here's an overview of Matt's take on the burgeoning field of beacon technology: