dogswell: take your dog to work day

To create awareness for their super-premium healthy dog foods, Dogswell needed to reach consumers in a fresh, emotional way. Alcone’s goal was to create content that evoked happiness and excitement around the Dogswell brand.

Alcone created the “Unleash the Happy” positioning to articulate the brand’s belief that “healthy, happy dogs = healthy, happy people”. Alcone’s strategy was to position happiness as the antidote to stress.

To capture the joyous power of healthy, happy dogs in action, Alcone took an entire office by surprise, sending a documentary crew into a New York City office to interview employees about workplace stress. What the workers didn’t know was that it was “Take Your Dog to Work Day.” What they didn’t expect was for Dogswell to arrive minutes later with over 20 healthy dogs and puppies. And what Alcone’s cameras caught next, was pure delight, as happiness literally chased the stress away.

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