lg mobile: iron man and augmented reality drive activation

To herald the launch of LG’s first smartphone – the Verizon LG Ally – Alcone’s goal was to drive traffic and sales at Verizon stores with a unique promotion that engaged LG’s target consumers of young, male tech enthusiasts and early adopters.

To highlight LG’s focus on innovation and technology, and appeal to the target audience, Alcone aligned LG with the highly-anticipated blockbuster Iron Man 2.

In-store, the customer shopping experience was disrupted by life-size standees of Iron Man promoting the new LG product. Reinforcing the campaign’s focus on tech, we also partnered with Marvel Comics to create an exclusive Gift With Purchase: an Iron Man comic book with built-in Augmented Reality content. Users could make the 20-page comic come to life by placing the front and back covers in front of their LG Ally’s web-enabled camera, allowing the user to further immerse themselves in the world of Iron Man and LG.

LG’s target responded, garnering over 1 million page views and more than 100,000 unique visitors on the microsite. The tech-savvy campaign surpassed all expectation, with a flurry of in-store activity and attention to the product ultimately resulting in increased merchandise sales for the flagship LG phone.

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